Dr. Glenn Graves


PhD (Psychology), MA (Psychology), BA (Human Development), EMDR, MSPS, Hypnotherapy

Dr. Glenn Graves has been counselling expatriate families in Southeast Asia since 2004.

Glenn holds a PhD in Psychology with specialisation in Creativity and Existential-Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy and believes that creativity is an essential component in healing. His Master’s Degree in Psychology and his Bachelor of Arts in Human Development were an instrumental part of his early career when he focused on healing approaches for victims of human trafficking. This laid the foundation for a career focused on healing trauma and communities in crisis.

He also has a certificate in Intermediate Training in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis from the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, and a certificate in Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) from the EMDR Institute, Inc. He is an accredited facilitator for the FOCCUS marriage preparation and enrichment programme, and is a member of the Singapore Psychological Society. Glenn has been trained as a crisis responder by the National Organization for Victim Assistance. He is American and has lived in Asia for the past 15 years.

For the past 13 years, he has counselled Singaporean and Expatriate individuals and families on a variety of issues, including post traumatic stress disorder, anger management, anxiety, stress, alcohol abuse, marital conflicts, cross cultural marital conflicts, divorce, sex addiction, adolescents and their family, sexual abuse, aging, body image, self esteem, and grief. Glenn also lectures at the School of Positive Psychology in Singapore.

Glenn has contributed to books on the topic of PTSD in combat victims and victims of sex trafficking, and has worked with these victims, introducing theories from art therapy, narrative therapy, Qigong meditation, dreamworking and group work.

Glenn takes an integrative approach, utilising techniques from Behavioural, CBT, Adlerian, Existential, and Person Centered therapies. His counselling philosophy places more emphasis on the current issue and future of the individual, without minimizing the importance of the past influences.

He also specialises in EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) and can explain it's effectiveness as a short-term approach, with long term effects, in resolving anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, low self esteem, and many other faulty belief systems.  

Recently, Glenn completed the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy by President Dr. Douglas Weiss, PhD. This training included over 49 hours of training, followed by a test and 6 months of weekly supervision before being able to be certified as an AASAT Therapist. 

Glenn is now the only Sex Addiction Therapist certified with AASAT in Southeast Asia.

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