Sex Addiction

A large number of clients are seeking help and are in some way affected by sex addiction. They and their families are suffering because of a faulty belief system that drives a cycle of confusing and debilitating behavior.

While it’s overwhelming and destructive to the addict, its likewise devastating and extremely disorienting for the partner, not to mention the kids who end up victims as well. There is hope and there are treatments that can help. Individual therapy should be combined with group support thorough several local chapters of Sex Addict’s anonymous or Sex and Love addicts anonymous.

To fully recover and to stay on track, both support systems are highly encouraged. Glenn has completed and is certified by the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy. To date, Glenn is the only Sex Addiction Therapist certified with AASAT in Southeast Asia. Many couples and families pull through this horrible condition, which is sometimes made more complicated by living abroad and away from family resources.


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