Sex Addiction

A large number of clients are seeking help and are in some way affected by sex addiction. They and their families are suffering because of a faulty belief system that drives a cycle of confusing and debilitating behavior.

Sex addiction refers to a number of behaviours that are done in excess and impact the addicts life in a negative way. Although sex addiction is not ‘formally’ diagnosable, it is a condition that does exist and often co-exists with adverse emotions such as distress, guilt and shame. Intimacy anorexia can often be experienced in relation to the sex addicts partner. You can take the intimacy anorexia quiz here: 

There is hope and there are treatments that can help. Individual therapy should be combined with group support thorough several local chapters of Sex Addict’s anonymous or Sex and Love addicts anonymous. Dr. Glenn has completed and is certified by the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy. To date, Dr. Glenn is the only Sex Addiction Therapist certified with AASAT in Southeast Asia. To fully recover and to stay on track, both support systems are highly encouraged.

Partners of sex addicts need time and space for personal healing. While it is overwhelming and destructive to the addict, it is likewise devastating and extremely disorienting for the partner of a sex addict, not to mention the children who end up victims as well. Partners experience an strong array of emotions and it is important that they also have support during this time. Many couples and families pull through this horrible condition, which is sometimes made more complicated by living abroad and away from family resources.

At Counseling Perspective we often work with each person in a couple to aid their personal healing, as well as support their relationship through couples counselling. If you or your partner are struggling with issues related to sex addiction and would like to get help or advice, your next step is to contact us via email, phone or WhatsApp to arrange a session to come and speak to our trained therapists.