Dr. Freya Burnett


PhD Psychology, MSc Research Methods in Psychology, BSc (First Class) Psychology, EMDR.

Dr Freya Burnett employs the science of positive psychology in her integrative counseling work with individuals who want to reach their full potential.

Freya has completed a PhD in Psychology, specialising in Positive Psychology and Development. She holds a Masters Degree in Research Methods in Psychology and she has achieved a First-Class with honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. Freya is also a qualified EMDR therapist, Yoga Teacher, and has completed courses in Meditation and Buddhist Studies. Originally from England, Freya completed her Bachelors and Masters degrees in England, before being awarded a scholarship from the University of Auckland and moving to New Zealand for three years to complete her PhD. Singapore has been her home since 2017.

In-between achieving her academic qualifications, Freya has worked as a Mental Health Practitioner’s Assistant and an Assistant Psychologist. During these roles she worked with adults and adolescents with a wide range of mental health issues including; eating disorders, personality disorders, depression and schizophrenia. Freya also worked at the University of Cambridge where she led a team of researchers through a project looking at the influence of yoga on well-being. It was during this time she developed a keen interest in yoga and identifies yoga to have had one of the greatest positive influences in her life.

Freya strongly believes in the science of Positive Psychology and the incredible influence this branch of Applied Psychology can have not only on those with mental health issues, but on the general population. She takes an integrative approach, utilising techniques from Behavioural, Existential, Adlerian and Cognitive-Behavioural therapies. Freya hopes that with her wealth of knowledge she can help her clients overcome any obstacles to feel more positive and energetic, overall enabling them to reach their full potential.


Therapy with Freya has been very instrumental in helping me to understand where my issues are rooted in and how I may overcome them. She is patient and compassionate, and I felt very safe sharing my thoughts with her. I would highly recommend anyone to pay her a visit if you would like to improve their way of life!” - Sarah*

“Thank you, Freya, for helping me clarify and sort through traumatic recent events. I very much needed a safe place to come for counsel and reassurance, also objective insight. You've gently helped me to question and reframe some maladaptive assumptions of myself. I look forward to getting stronger and building more self-belief.” - Jane*


Email: f.burnett32@gmail.com

Phone: +65 90124780