Marriage Counseling

Whether you are having problems in your relationship or you would just like to understand your partner better, talking to a marriage counselor can make a real difference. Marriage counseling can also be helpful if you are looking to transition peacefully out of a relationship or marriage.

We aim to help partners to communicate with one another and to understand and resolve underlying issues and conflicts. We provide a safe space for couples to discuss sensitive issues and provide the support required to process and work through any areas of concern.

In the case of working through relationship issues, it is helpful to view counseling as obtaining an introspective look at the dynamic in the relationship. This means that most likely both parties are contributing to the problem somehow. The main emphasis will be on establishing a sense of safety before either party can attempt to feel 'heard'. Then, the focus can shift to self-reflection in the dynamic, and how to inspire change in your partner, as opposed to forcing it. Finally, skills on communicating and creating positivity will be taught.

By taking this approach, you will often see a more immediate shift in the overall dynamic. Using skills honed through helping thousands of people in relationships, and sharing perspectives from the top counselors in the field, our therapists focus on the couple’s potential and on their hope.

Marriage counseling can be scary, confronting and difficult, but there are many benefits to committing to it. These benefits include; an increased sense of emotional well-being, less stress, a more stable family life, better communication and increased self-confidence and confidence in your partner.

If you would like further information regarding marriage counseling check out our blog post which talks about the importance of Tender Love and Care in relationships.

If you are interested in marriage counseling you are welcome to contact us via email, phone or WhatsApp to arrange a session to come and speak to one of our trained therapists.