Henrik Kofod-Hansen


Henrik is an executive coach and team coach with deep insight into how individuals, teams and organizations thrive.

Henrik holds a MSc of Applied Positive Psychology and advanced degrees in Organizational Psychology & Leadership, as-well as in Psychotherapy and Counseling. He is an experienced and trained Co-active® coach, and an Organizational Relationship Systems Coach®.

Henrik conducts Personal Coaching sessions where he works with women and men who want to develop and grow. People who are interested in understanding themselves better, seeing new perspectives and maybe wanting to make a change. With executives who feel ‘stuck’ and who need to redefine their purpose. With the mid-thirties emerging leader, who wants to reach peak performance. With hopeful talents, who need to build their mental resources they need to be able to create their future.

Henrik also conducts Team Coaching sessions where he helps teams to unite, align and thrive. Great team cultures do not happen by accident and is much more than only gluing individual values and behaviours together. It is about forming an alliance of diverse people, where individual motivation, values and behaviours are recognized and brought into the overall team system. Without constructive conflict, a team will never be aligned and committed to each other and their mission. But it requires that the team has a mature level of trust and have an understanding of why they are a team.

Previously, Henrik held executive and senior leadership positions in Asia and Europe for more than 20 years. During his work to create, develop and transform companies and teams, he experienced the insufficiency of traditional company cultures, leadership and development strategies. Therefore, he is dedicated to utilizing the science and interventions within positive organizational psychology to enable better leadership and organizational thriving.

Henrik lives with his wife and daughter in Singapore since 5 years, and enjoys immersing into the diverse Asian cultures and rich history.