Alcohol Abuse

Whether the person has been struggling with alcohol through inherited belief systems, or due to the expatriate lifestyle and or a lack of work life balance, alcohol can take a hold of a person’s life and cripple their abilities to engage with family, as well as take them off course of their dreams and values. Combine this with stressors, which include being away from families and home countries, alcohol can become addictive and debilitating.

Alcohol abuse can lead to a number of serious health problems including high blood pressure, alcohol-related liver disease and stroke. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also affect an individuals temperament, lower inhibitions and severely compromise decision making and rational thinking abilities.

The road to recovery is paved with ‘good intentions’ and we try to help clients set realistic and ambitious goals. Sometimes this means not drinking at all. Sometimes this is about a gradual withdrawal from alcohol, while learning new and healthier coping skills. Either way, clients need to stay committed to change, even when it is uncomfortable.  Being a part of a 12-step would likely be an essential component in their recovery process.

We will help develop a plan for recovery and provide tailored support along the way. This support can involve identifying triggers and learning how to cope when they appear, conquering obstacles along the way to recovery, and finding new hobbies and interests.


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